Pres like a boss

Prescast securely streams your pdf to your audience.
No sign ups, downloads or installs needed.

Upload and your done.

"Super Simple, perfect when on a client call"

Jean-Charles, CEO

"Never need to screenshare again, Yah!""

Emma, Client Manager

"When presenting, this changes everything"

Sam, Designer

Stay on the samepage.

Literally. Everyone sees the current page. You skip, your audience skips, we all skip.

Point remotely

Click on a detail and your audience sees what your chatting about.

No sign ups needed

Anyone can view/start a basic pres for free, without even signing up. You can sign up later, or not.

No installs

Prescast runs straight in your browser.
No installs, thats so windows 98.

No waitng on downloads

No need to wait on downloads, just stream.
(If needed you can download a pdf copy)

Super fast

Prescast is built on a geeky google framework.
Utra, superduper fast.


Built with a google framework everything is encrypted and only accessable to who you share.

Quick and easy

We hate fuss. We built Prescast with you in mind cos your our fav. Shhhhh don't tell the others.
+ Upload PDF